Backing up WD Sentinel DX4000 into an External Hard Drive

I’m planning to start backing up my WD Sentinel DX 4000 (full-server/bare-metal backup) on a regular basis. From what I understand, it seems like a good idea to set up a regular back up into an external hard drive. Therefore, I’d like some confirmation about the following:

  • Could someone confirm it is possible to make regular, full-server backups from a WD Sentinel DX4000 into an external hard drive? Any tips or advice on this would be highly appreciated.
  • Providing these backups are possible, I was planning to purchase the WD Elements Desktop 5TB. Does anyone have experience with this external hard drive? Will it work properly together with the Sentinel?

Thank you very much!

You can only do full server BMR Backups if you have the 4gb, 2tb useable version. The built in Windows Server Backup has a 2tb limitation
A short list of compatible backup drives can be found here

This is something I am also interested in. Is there a step by step guide on backing up my server - using one of those compatible drives?

Just search for windows server backup server 2008r2
There are plenty of step by steps out there.

The big difference is the headless recovery. You need the WD ISO to create a bootable thumb that will do the restore headless.