Backing up WD My Book World Edition II

Hello I have a My Book World Edition II, and I am trying to find a way to backup what is backed-up to it. How can this be performed? Regards

Me too - I have bought 2 of these drives (using Raid 0) and want to back one up to the other  - is there a way to use the backup software for this? I would have thought this was possible but its not obvious. Obviously I am keen to avoid needless overhead on the computer - i.e direct between the 2 drives themselves. 


My unit is about to stop working and I just received the replacement. I need to back up what is on the device but there doesn’t seem to be an obvious way to do it. You can restore but not back up! You can back up the configuration but there’s no obvious place in the web interface which deals with backing up the whole unit ( that is the content of the hard drives). I have recovered the stuff in the Public share but I have a bunch of time machine backups which also require backing up. I guess one can always ssh in and do it that way but there must be an easier way…

Any help would be much appreciated. The defective unit has to leave soon.


WD has no official means or software for backing up the contents of one NAS drive and storing it on another.  I recommend that you copy/paste your files from one drive to the other.