Backing Up Using FTP


I have read the below articles couple of days back and started setting up FTP on my Windows 10 and mycloud device…

now I am stuck…i am not sure how the files will be copied and what are the next steps.

Please help

Are you trying to backup on the same local network as the My Cloud or remotely?

If on the local network there is typically no reason to use FTP. Instead you can use either WD Smartware or a third party dedicated backup program (see below). You should start by reading the My Cloud User Manual ( or the My Cloud Dashboard Help for more information on how to backup a computer to the My Cloud.

Smartware can be downloaded from the following WD Support link. Also more information and FAQ for the My Cloud at the following link.

Note that FTP is NOT a secure protocol if you are trying to backup a computer to a remote My Cloud. The login information is typically sent in the clear and can be intercepted. One could always use an FTP client program like FileZilla ( or similar FTP software to copy files from a computer to the My Cloud using FTP.

There are a number of free backup programs beyond the Windows 10 backup option. Here is a short list of free programs that will backup to an NAS like the My Cloud on the local network, there are others.

EaseUS Todo Backup Free:
Macrium Reflect Free:
Paragon Backup and Recovery 14 Free:
Free File Sync (in Mirroring mode):

Thanks Bennor, Yes I am using my cloud locally.
Actually I am using File Histroy for backup…but then I have observed that File Histroy is not backing up my Files which have more than 256 character as filenames…
So I tried installing Smartware… its only showing Dropbox has an option…
That is why after reading the above article I thought of giving it a shot.

What is your advice

Can you access the My Cloud Shares using Windows File Explorer? If so then one should be able to backup to the My Cloud using WD Smartware or third party backup programs. If you cannot access the My Cloud Shares using Windows File Explorer that suggests other potential problems on the computer which is preventing access to the My Cloud.

One can read the Smartware User Manual at the following link:

For backing up a Windows computer, personally I’d use a third party backup program that supports creating a CD/USB emergency boot disc/stick to allow the computer to be booted and restored from that emergency CD/stick if the computer hard drive crashed or wouldn’t boot. WD Smartware while a backup program is missing certain features/options found on other third party backup programs, some of which are free.

Yes… I can see the shares of my cloud in the file explorer window…

But for some reason WD Smartware is unable to detect my NAS device whereas WD Sync is able to detect it.

I have even called WD customer support… they weren’t much help…

Since you have suggested other alternatives I would like to try Easyus todo backup…