Backing up using Acronis - Manually and with Multiple Drives

I’ve got a 16 TB WD Duo external hard drive.

I want to back up my computer. So far I’ve setup the hard drive in Raid 1 using the disk utilities software.

I want to be able to manually backup my different drives on to it. I’m wondering if the best method to do this to create multiple partitions that are approximately the size I will need and then use the clone disk method for each drive?

I have a mix of things that need to be backed up regularly (probably 10-100 GB) and other things that can be backed up less regularly (as little as once every several years) (probably 1-5 TB).

Also is there a method that I can use to automate this?

Hmm I was using the cloning function. I need to explore the Backup function I think.