Backing up two computers on one Passport Ultra - Is this OK?

I’ve noticed that after running WD Backup a folder named “Backup.swstor” is created that seems to contain all my backed up data. Since I’m sure I’ve got enough space on my WD Passport Ultra I’ve renamed the Backup.swstor folder “Computer1” then run WD Backup after connecting to my other computer… Then I renamed the new “Backup.swstor” folder “Computer2.” Before I run backup again I rename the Computer1 or Computer2 folder back to “Backup.swstor.” I’m assuming that whenever I might need to do a restore that I’ll be able to rename the appropriate folder back to “Backup.swstor” again. Is this proceedure OK?? or… is there an easier or safer way to backup two computers on one external drive?

As I haven’t try that, I wont be able to tell you if it will work properly.

My recommendation is to test that to see if that’s possible.

Try restoring the files on computer one to see if it works.

I ran a small test to see if my renaming procedure would be successful when doing a restore. I did find one important mistake I made on my original post. The folder created is named “WD Backup.swstor” (don’t forget the WD and space) Heres what I did:

  1. Created a test folder (about 350 MB) containing files and multiple orphan folders on my computer.
  2. Ran WD Backup selecting only the test folder. A “WD Backup.swstor” folder was created on my Passport drive.
  3. I renamed that folder on the Passport drive - Then renamed it back to “WD Backup.swstor.”
  4. On my computer I deleted all files in my test folder and added one new file.
  5. I ran WD Restore - All the files and folders in my test folder on the computer were replaced and the one newly added file was untouched… Hooray!

The one drawback I can see with this procedure for backing up multiple computers is the chance for “pilot error” keeping track of correctly renaming folders after backups and before restores… Otherwise It seems to work for me.