Backing Up to my cloud remotely

Hi All,

I have recently setup My Cloud Drive and it works fine, I have a few users and their shares setup, and it can be accessed from all of our different devices on the network or remotely.

But, the main reason for getting this device was to backup the office files ‘off site’.

We have several computers which all save their work onto one mirrored NAS based in the office, this is all great unless the office burns down or some breaks in and steals the NAS.

So, I purchased the WD My cloud based on the fact that it is remotely accessed and enables backing up of files automaticly, the info given out by WD leads me to beleive this is possible.

Why can I not access the drive through the Smartware software remotely? Should I be using different software? Have I been missed by WD?

Please Help.


I think remote administration has been a big miss period. Let alone remote backups.