Backing up & security questions

Hi all,

A couple of simple questions, I’m hoping you can help me with…

I’ve had a MBL on my home network for a little while, using it simply as an additional drive for storing media files, which I access wirelessly.  I now want to use it for backups and discovered that it wasn’t installed properly as it wouldn’t work with Smartware, plus various other issues.  At long last I’ve managed to get everything working correctly; mapping the drive, web & Smartware access, etc.  Getting to this point has been quite an ordeal and heaven knows what settings I’ve changed along the way.   I just want to make sure that I haven’t compromised my system security anywhere by fiddling with the settings during the MBL set up - can anyone confirm?

I’m running Windows Vista & Bitdefender Total Security 2013:

  • Currently all settings within Network and Sharing/Sharing and Discovery are set to ‘on’ (password on public & printer sharing)

  • Bitdefender Firewall Settings/Advanced - Internet connection sharing & Monitor WiFi Connections are both turned on

2nd question…

Before updating the firmware on my MBL, I want to back it up to a Seagate Expansion External Drive.  I’m wondering if I can use the Smartware software to backup my MBL to the Seagate - is this possible?  Does Smartware need to be installed on the drive?  Is this possible and what would I need to do to make this happen (currently Smartware does not see the drive)?

Many thanks in advance,

L :slight_smile:

  1. Everything looks up and running for what you have mentioned.
  2. The old Smartware version does not allow to backup from the MBL to another drive. The latest version Smartware Pro does allow you to to that. You can either upgrade or manually copy the files to the other drive.