Backing up second PC to MBL - possible with WD Smartware?


I have just bought a 1TB MBL and wish to back up my wife’s PC in addition to my own. Is this possible and how do I go about it?

I have searched the manual, and online forums but see no instructions as to how to do it.

I would also like to know the difference between the tabs under My Book Live - Public, Smartware and TimeMachineBackup, and what are the implications of each?

Many thanks.

Dell Studio Windows 7, WD Smartware 1.6.4, MyBookLive 02.32.05-046 : Core F/W

OK, have done some research and done what a lot of people have done and removed WD Smartware. What a load of rubbish!!

Have loaded some proper backup software and now backing up to MBL and able to do scheduled backups when I want!

Aloha Freion,

                      What backup software did you use?

I have no problem backing up two computers.  Just install smartware on each machine you want to back up.  Smartware creates backup profiles based on the computer name.  Are you having a specific issue?

Hi, I deleted Smartware because it was not very smart!

The good thing now is that the hard disk actually goes to sleep, so do not get the continuous thrashing noise of the hard disk like I did before.

I use Goodsync software for my backups.