Backing-up revised source files for Ultra

I noticed that My Passport Ultra drive will save a deleted file but doesn’t seem to save the previous file that was revised. It only seems to save the current revision of the source file.

The old My Passport allowed backing up of revised files so that you can go back and restore one of the older files. Can that be done in Ultra? How?

PS: I’m checking files in the Ultra file by clicking on in in My PC and then using the folder for My Passport . swstor to get to see the backed-up files. Is that the right way?

WD Backup allows backing up of updated/modified backed up files in order to update the previous files with new data. You can check the backup data in WDBackup.swstor file folder (if using WD Backup).

Yes, WDBackup.swstor is the backup folder in My Passport Ultra drive and backup data would be seen under “Volume” folder.