Backing up over USB cable

If i purchase 2 of WD My Cloud Expert Series PR4100 40TB NAS.

Can I use one as my main storage device and back up my files

on the other NAS drive through the USB ports on both drives? In short is there a USB port where I can export files and a USB port where I can import files.

I know that the Ethernet is faster but is it possible to do this?

Have a read of the online User Manual.


Yes I did. So it seems that the only input USB connection is for a camera and this connection is used for transferring files from a camera & not the other WD NAS. So there is no way to connect the two NAS through a USB cable. I just hoped there was another way or maybe the front USB connection could operate an an input without having to press a button. Am I correct?

a camera is just an example … the user manual also say My Passports, Memory Sticks as examples as well. Anything classed as a “USB Mass Storage Device” … you can’t plug another NAS into it, because a NAS is not a USB Mass Storage Device … it’s a Network Accessed Storage device.


Thought so & Thank you so much! I really appreciate you getting back to me.

You can do a backup thats designed for the MyCloud to Mycloud.You set which one is host and which is sender. Basically which one is the backup…