Backing up other users on Windows 7 computer

I recently purchased and installed a 4TB My Book. After setting up and running the WD backup program, I looked to verify the backup and found out that other users on the computer are not being backed up. I called technical support and they indicated that I have to set up separate backups on/under the other user’s accounts. Is this everyone’s experience? This seems to be a pain, particularly as Windows Backup allows you to back all users up at the same time. (Unfortunately, Windows Backup hangs up when nearly complete — don’t know the reason, yet.) Is this anyone else’s experience?

This is because of differences in backup design. Windows backup creates a mirror image able to restore an entire system, while WD Backup/WD SmartWare only copies user files. As such, it is unable to bypass user account credentials (Passwords) by design.

Thanks, Trancer. I went into my wife’s account and tried to schedule a WD backup for her files. Nothing so far. Maybe something will show up later, after the scheduled backup time? IDK, a bit frustrating.

Any thoughts on why Windows backup fails with the WD drive?

You need to be within her account at the time of the backup in order for it to run. If you set the backup for 8:00pm on her account but you are using your own account at said time then her account won’t perform a backup. This also applies to hibernation/sleep.

If Windows backup fails try re-formatting the hard drive and running checkdisk.