Backing Up MyCloud

After doing some reading on this forum, I’ve come to conclusion that the MyBook I purchased will not work with the MyCloud because of incompatibilities. Besides purchasing another MyCloud (3TB), is there anything else that I can use for Safepoints/Backups?

I’am using an external hard drive (a 3TB Seagates)

The only thing that is goign bad is that since I updated my WDMyCloud to the v4 software, all the backups fail…

I’m pretty sure itsnt the hard drive, I formatted it again.

Well - all this incompatability is not acceptable from my perspective. so in the past, another manufacturer’s external hard drive will work but not their own WD? Ridiculous.

@ Fitmiss

The WD My Cloud device supports the following formats for externally attached USB drives:

 FAT32
 NTFS (read and write capability)
 Linux Ext2, Ext3/Ext4

For a list of compatible NAS drives click on the link below.

List of NAS drives validated by WD to work as a SafePoint backup for a Personal Cloud Storage