Backing up my World Book Edition II

I am planning to buy a WBE II; principle use is to hold all my family shared files (photos, videos, music) so I can access them from anywhere.  thesewill be the originals, and I need to back them up.

  1. I understand I can set up the device with mirrored disks, so that if i add a photo, it copies it automatically to the other disk

2)  but also can I use the back up software that comes with the WBE to keep it back ed up to some other location - eg a PC, or a second NAS drive?

First read the forum and the big problems with My Book World Edition II.

Then make a decision…

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I have the single drive version and a new owner.

There does not appear to be a simple way to backup the NAS to another drive or to USB attached drive. I have seen some NAS with a  “one touch” backup feature that the WD does not have.

What I have resorted to doing is pulling the contents to my main PCs HDD and  using  SyncBack to keep just sync changes every so often.

My other gripes would be the WD software installer does not work (no text on buttons) and the Mionet is too complex to set up (probably due to the installer problems).

Other than that the NAS works great as a shared file store and the WD Anywhere backup software works fine. However, the backup is files only not a disk image or system files.