Backing up my server

Can I backup my small LAN Server in my office offsite by using a WD My Cloud drive at home?

By small LAN server you mean the data on this server?

Could be possible but it’s usefull? That depends on a lot of variables:

  • Upload speed of your office lan.
  • Download speed of you MyCloud location lan.( most important variable)
  • NAT, double NATs , inaccessible firewall configs on routers?

Incremental backups could be shorts (in time) but if the amount of GB is high, the first backup could be LOOOOOOOOONNNNNNNNNNG ( I mean ages).

Not all data on the server just around 800-900 MB (accounting folder, documents folder and database folder).  I am just looking for an offsite solution for our data that does not require somebody taking a drive home with them at night.  

Well this is not a big amount of data.

There are more option to do this but I think one of the easiest is using a ftp client from your office.

  • Enable ftp on MyCloud dashboard and set a share for your backup (to don’t mix things).

  • For sensitive data enable also ssh and set strong user pass.

  • From a ftp client (winscp, allway sync, ect) in your office connect to public ip of your MyCloud using sftp protocol and sync the folders you want from office to your remote share on MyCloud.

This is an easy step by step to batch the backup with winscp:

There are plenty free and paid options to do this operation with ease.