Backing up My FreeNas Server to a networked MyCloud Ex2Ultra

I’m very new to all of this, and was hoping for some help! I am running a plex media server using Freenas. Even though I have a RAID system for the Drives, I still want to backup my data on a network drive. I recently purchased the MyCloud EX2 Ultra, and put in 2 8TB drives. I’ve mapped both the media folder, and the Mycloud on windows 10, (Z:, and Y:) and am trying to find a way to set up a backup system for it… Any thoughts? Or did I just waste a bunch of money… haha

You need to configure a WD SmartWare for backup system on My Cloud EX2 Ultra.

I downloaded WD Smartware to my PC, but it wont recognize any of my network locations, like my server… That server is running FREENAS, so I’m not sure if there is something I can load into that system?

WD Smartware supports WD Network drives only. You can use Smartware to configure backup on My Cloud EX2 Ultra.