Backing up MBL without Safepoint?

I’ve encountered a myriad of problems with using Safepoint to backup to a shared USB drive on another computer.  Everything from the drive not detected, to can’t create Safepoint, to can’t detect previous successful safepoints.  I’ve been looking through this forum and have tried a bunch of suggestions, some got me a little farther, some didn’t work.

At this point I am ready to give up on it for a more stable backup procedure.  I use MBL to keep a large amount of photos, home videos, daily work backups from two Windows computers and a Time Machine backup from a MacBook.

Accessing all this data to/from the MBL works without a problem, its just backing up the MBL that is very unstable.

I would like to just mirror the 3TB MBL data (2TB full) to my shared 3TB external by copying all the shared folders I see when browsing the MBL over the network using Windows.  I would use SyncBack SE, which works very well for mirroring, to do the backups.  The question is should my MBL ever fail, would I be able to restore it by just copying those backed up folders back from my external to a new MBL?  In other words would this accomplish pretty much the same thing as a Safepoint Restore?  I’m sure a Safepoint Restore does other steps or restores settings to create an exact copy of the original.  I’m not too concerned about restoring all these settings, just that a new MBL with perhaps manually recreated settings would work with data I restored without Safepoint?


Hi, If you use a third party program to sync the files, if the My Book fails, you only need to copy the information manually into the replacement My Book. 

At the OS level, which is Debian Lenny Linux, you have a few options.

If security is a requirement: Rsync

If not, FTP.

Plenty of info out there on the internet

Some links: