Backing up G-Drive mobile to G-Drive 4TB


I’m trying to backup my G-Drive mobile to my 4TB G-Drive, I was going to just create a new folder and drag the files, but it asked for my computer password. I thought that was a little much, so I turned to the forum. PLEASE help, I’m a photographer and I really need to backup all this info. Thanks!


The only reason it would ask for a password is if you had enabled encryption to the drive. We do not encrypt the drives out of the box they will never ask you for a password.


but how do I ensure my G-drive mobile is backing up onto the G-Drive? How
do I monitor what my G-drive is backing up?


You can open the Time Machine preferences on your Mac and it will show you which backup device you’re using, when the last backup was completed and when the next one will start.

Further assistance with the backup process would be from Apple.