Backing up from a second (new) computer... help, please! :)

So when I first bought my Passport Studio external hard drive, I used it to back up all of the data we had on our old computer.  We now have a new laptop and I’d like to backup the data that’s on that laptop (onto the same hard drive).  I’m not sure exactly how the Passport will work.  Is it like an iPod that syncs the data?  In other words, if I backup the contents from the new laptop, will I lose the data that I had on it from the old laptop?  I can’t afford to lose that stuff as the old laptop is dead and I’d no longer be able to retrieve that information.  I’m so afraid to do this!!!  Thanks for your help.

What did you use to back it up? I would get a second drive. It’s not a good idea to trust important data to one physical drive internal or external. One thing you could do is partition the drive.


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Thanks, Joe.  I used a Passport external drive the first time around, but you’re right.  Better safe than sorry.  I’ll buy another hard drive to be safe.