Backing up data from multiple users

It is unclear to me if I use SmartPicks for backup, is it just doing those for the user I am logged in as?  Or is it doing for all of the users on the machine?  If it’s the latter, then that means I need to create backups for each user account, correct?  I don’t see that the documentation addresses this.  BTW,  I’m running Windows 7.

Did you ever get an answer to this question? I am wondering the same thing! I am running XP and Windows 7.

Nope.  No answers yet.

I need an answer for this too.  Have two user accounts on windows xp and I have not idea if they are both backed up.  Also, in the restore tab, only one “my documents” folder is showing for one user - not both.  But the size of the backup, makes it look like everything is backed up.  This is pretty frustrating.

You need to make sure you have admin rights for your login on your PC. This will enable you to see all users documents (you may also have to set the My Documents folders to “share”, so you can see the content). You can then create a manual backup to include User 1/Mydocs and User 2/Mydocs - don’t use smart picks for this. This back up will run whenever you login in, but will not run for the other user. So if you want User 2 to also back up independently they can add their own backup just for their Mydocs. Alternately, you assign them admin rights and you can create a second identical backup for both users, which will run when they login. I am on XP and have adopted this second scenario as we both need admin rights and we know that all our docs will always get backed up no matter who uses the PC. If you do not want your other user to have admin rights then go with scenario one.