Backing up company data


Im sorry if this has already been answerd, yes I have searched but with no luck.

I am hoping someone can answer this for me, is it possible to use the WD Sentinel DX4000  to back up my company data without being on the same network?

I want to keep my WD Sentinel DX4000 at home whilst constantly backing up my company data, reason being that if something was to happen like a fire or flood I would loose everything.

I know i can use a remote backup cloud but i dont really want to spend £100+ a month.

If this isnt possible can someone point me in the right direction.



NovaStore and StorageCraft both make excelent products for offsite backup.  It all depends on just what company data you want.

Another “cheap” solution is to try Cloudberry.  It says cloud, but when I looked at it eons ago it also would backup to a netwrok share.  So you would setup a VPN to your DX and fire away