Backing Up All The Files On MyCloud

I have about 500GB of movies stored on MyCloud and want to back them up to a portable WD 2TB USB (3.0) drive.

What is the easiest fastest and best way to do this?

Currently I’ve just started using SafePoint - ie. with my USB drive connected to the USB port on the back of MyCloud, creating a SafePoint and backing up the files to the USB. Easy to do but is the fastest, best way?
ie. would it be better to use WD SmartWare (- haven’t tried using it yet) ??

I’ve also heard that I could back up MyCloud to the USB drive using SSH and some Linux commands - any advantage in doing this?

Also I want to do “incremental” backups once I have all the movies backed up to the USB so I’ll be able to backup any new movie files I add to MyCloud - haven’t tried this yet using SafePoint, but I presume it can do this … (??)

Safepoint is what is used to backup a v4.x firmware version My Cloud to either a USB hard drive attached to the My Cloud or to another local network location.

For v2.x firmware My Cloud’s Backup is what is used to backup the My Cloud to another My Cloud or location.

Smartware is generally for backing up your computer TO the My Cloud or Dropbox.

Rsync is another method of backing up the My Cloud to another local network location. Do a subforum search, magnifying glass icon upper right for rsync and you’ll find numerous threads discussing how to copy using rsync.

Here is one such thread:

I have no problems with Safepoint but many others have had problems. Its personal preference on which is better, Safepoint or Rsync/similar copy method via SSH.