Backing Up all of Mac


Just bought a My Book essential. Hooked it up to my iMac. Working fine but was wondering if there was some way to back up all of the data on the mac? It seems to only want to back up the data on the user that i am logged into at the time. It is a pain to have to log into each user and back up their data. I was hoping someone could tell me how to just do a single back up of entire data all users?





I am using the WD Smartware to back up my files to WD external drive and it seems to be working fine.

It backed up all of my data from my Macbook Pro to WD external drive. 

You may try the Time Machine for backing up, I am sure it will work the same way as WD Smartware does.

You may also manually copy and paste files to the WD external drive yourself if you preferred. As long as you have all the rights to do that.

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