Backing up a wireless device to a ethernet connected my cloud

I have a 6tb My Cloud connected to a cable modem/router with an ethernet cable. I also have computers connected to the router both wireless and cabled.I can do all backups as long as I am connected by cable. If I try to do a backup from a wireless device it starts off like it is going to work, but after several minutes I get an error message from the backup software that it can’t write to the MyCloud. I can plug that same device to a cable and the backup works fine every time. I am using EASEUS backup. I have a Motorola MG8702 AC3200 cable modem/router. I have tried both the 2.4 and 5.0 bands. On my desktop I run scheduled incremental backups every day and a full backup one a week with no problems. I would like to do the same on my wife’s laptop, but can’t get it to work, So for her machine I steal it one a week and run a full backup by plugging it into a cable to run the backup.
Is this something that I just have to deal with or can you make another suggestion of something to try. Thanks.

The laptop computer could be putting itself or the wireless adapter into sleep mode as a power saving measure. May want to check the wifi settings and or power settings on the laptop to make sure the computer isn’t going into sleep mode or isn’t putting the wifi adapter into sleep mode.

I checked the settings and increased the sleep when plugged in to 2 hours. Tried to run a backup and it ran for over 30 minutes and then got the same error i have been experiencing, the computer nor the screen ever went to sleep. So that wasn’t the solution. Thanks for your input. It is appreciated.

Bear in mind that the entire issue of WiFi speed. . . . .any sizable transfer over a wireless connection could be slow enough to compromise the entire operation. I would not run a full backup over wireless.

that’s kinda my conclusion on this. Just thought I would ask. For us is not a big deal as we are both retired and our systems are pretty static anyway. Thanks.