Backing up a WD My Cloud drive online / to the cloud?

Does anyone know if it’s possible to create a Safepoint backup of a WD My Cloud drive to an online / cloud storage destination?

It strikes me that backing up our office drive to another physical drive in the same location wouldn’t be all that helpful if we suffered a break-in or blazing fire. I’d therefore like to backup our My Cloud to a remote location, if possible…

Any thoughts/ideas much appreciated.

When I set up a safepoint, the options I saw were the USB drive and a local network drive.

Have you considered how long it would take to do a remote file store backup? And the cost of storing say 1TB? And the time it would take to restore? Just buy a couple of cheap USB drives and cycle them off-site. Cheaper, quicker, much safer!

Any decent backup/sync software (e.g. GoodSync) would be able to do full and incremental backups to an off-site cloud location. This IMHO is the way to go for critical data. Plus you can see what is happening, unlike Setpoint that assumes everything is just fine and keeps you in the dark, and if it fails it doesn’t tell you what failed. For photos, music, videos, etc. physically take them away with you. But be nerdy about it - i.e. keep records.


Check out JungleDisk.

@ ntinson,

You might be able to use the Share of  Dropbox that is somewhere on your computer, but this can take extremely long, since it is also updating Dropbox at the same time and I am not sure if you have a big Safepoint if you have enough room on a  Cloud you have. If your Safepoint is 1 TB for example, I am not sure if you have that room, it likely will take forever unless you have Fiber optic highspeed uploads.

Thanks everyone for your help. Found various tools that enabled us to mount a backup drive and schedule updates to it from the My Cloud. The main hurdle though is cost for all that online storage - totally prohibitive!

I think removal USB drives will have to be the way to go…

Thanks again for all your help, advice and suggestions.