Backing up a MyCloud... with another MyCloud?

So I have a MyCloud that I use to stream videos… I don’t have those videos backed up and would like to. Should I buy a MyCloud to back up the first MyCloud? Can I set that easily to back up weekly or something and then be off when its not backing up so that my devices that look for stuff on the wifi network don’t activate the second MyCloud? Any other ideas to set this up automatically? I thought about a HD plugged into the USB on the MyCloud, but that would seem to be on as much as the MyCloud. My idea is to only lose a weeks worth of videos, which would be on my computer (essentially backed up there).

If you have not read the My Cloud User Manual ( link description here5) you should, it answers your question. You can use another My Cloud as a backup location, a USB hard drive attached to the My Cloud’s USB port, or any other storage device on the local network. The My Cloud includes a program (Safepoint on the v4.x My Cloud, and Backup on the v2.x My Cloud) for backing up to another local network location or attached USB hard drive.

If you want it to be off in between backups, automation might be tricky, since power control is rarely incorporated into backup software. If using a usb-powered drive, you’d need to control the USB power, and turn it on prior to backup, wait for the drive to come up, mount it, run the backup, and then unmount and power down the USB port again.

Not sure such a thing exists, but it might.