Backing up 2 Macs & a PC

How do I backup two Macs and a PC on the same home network to my WD home edition 1Tb drive?

The WD drive is connected to my G4 iBook running 10.4.11 which is connected via wireless network to G4 Quicksilver PPC running 10.4.11 which is connected via Ethernet to a PC running windows XP

WD was backing up iBook fine until i tried setting it up to also b/u g4 ppc via airport as well, now WD Anywhere is hanging

Did you check for any firewalls / antivirus, or anything that could be blocking it? You might want to try on a wired network, and also try doing the backup, with the updated version for mac of the WD anywhere backup.

See my post on networking your devices.

I found it helpful to create usernames and passwords on each device = to those on your mac and windows devices.

  1. on the macs
  • Click to Finder
  • Click on Go
  • Click on Connect to Server
  • type afp://  “type the ip address of your Western Digital if it is connected                                                                           to router” example: afp://
  • you’ll be prompted for username and password, here you can enter username WD_Backup and whatever the passwod is, which can be setup/changed in on the device
  • You might want to add the username and password to the keychain, but remember to this can be a problem when you change passwords on the GUI of the Storage device…which means you need ot go into the keychain on the mac and change it there too.
  • once that is set up, then you can go and set up the time machine, which should see the network storage device.

as long as you have enough room on the storage device and different mac device names, then your time machine should be able to use the device.

Windows should see the device if you have the same workgroup. And it should be easier if you create the same username and password on your MyWorldBook storage device.

Then you can use the windows back system to find the device, login, and make frequent backups.

All devices should be able to access and utilize the device simultaneoulsy…Cheers.

Hope that helps!

Guys! The drive is a mybook home edition , USB/ firewire/esata … Wdanywhere backup for this drive is not designed to backup from a computer to another network shared folders, unless if it’s a mybook world edition drive.

you may need to use a third party backup software that has the ability to backup files to network locations or shared folders on the network, then you can share the drive on your pc or mac then setup that software on the other 2 computers and configure the backup!