Background - Just for fun

I had some free time on my hands, for a couple of days, so I was playing around & thought I would share it just for fun.  I was a little bored, so I made me a little friend, I’d like to introduce “Digibot”.


If you can’t see the pic yet, you can see it HERE.

Also, you can download the background image & just the png of “Digibot” HERE.

Oh, & this might be a good time to let those that don’t know, you can apply your own backgrounds to your HUB.  Just go to your photo, select the photo you want, select Options then Set as background and follow the rest of the on screen instructions.

Nifty!! I wish I was graphically talented…

very professional and polished looking

great job!

Thanks guys, but that’s about the extent of my graphical talent, especially since I use GIMP, which although a good program (& free), has some glitches with the Windows version at least.

I was really just trying to make something to replace the WD logo screen saver.  So now I have “Digibot” jumping around my screen instead to the WD logo.