Background from local server


I was playing around a little, and since I hadn’t tried it yet I thought I’d try to get the backgrouds to load from my local Apache server.  Well it works, the only thing is that it takes forever for it to display.

I was just wondering if anyone else has tried this and if they were seeing the same slow load time.


i  tried with a IIS web server : same result


Ok, that’s what I figured.  I just want to rule out a configuration problem, or a local network issue.


Well i tried with my local web server, the backdrops were loading a bit faster.

i tried it with the 2.03.24 firmware.


I think the problem is not the loading of the picture but the reactivity of the system to use information in the xml


I Tried a week back from my NAS and used the adress that I used in internet explorer to pull pics from my nas in the .xml spot where the background urls were and no luck but I only waited about 5 seconds or so