Background backups - Public / Smartware

A similar query to the recent ‘Does Smartware run in background?’ post.

I’ve just got a 1tb external drive and have successfully backed everything up to my WD Book.  I chose ‘Public’ rather than ‘Smartware’ on the MyBookLive dropdown.

What is the difference?  As I chose Public does that mean the backups will refresh when I add new files to my PC?  I tried to test this today by adding a new file on my PC and it didn’t appear to add the new file to my WD Drive.

Or should I have chosen ‘Smartware’ in the dropdown for this background backing up to take place?

Thanks in advance.

The files should show up under smartware.stor in the public folder

both ways you should have the backup in the background

the one in the smartware share is on a hidden partition and the one on public is … Well the name kind of hints that

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I can see the backup files from the initial backup in the .stor folder, but it hasn’t added any new files since. I’ve added some new music to my laptop which hasn’t been copied to the external drive.

When I open the WD SmartWare software it says “Ready to perform Category Backup”.  Nothing is happening in the background.

Any ideas as to why this isn’t working?

Any ideas on this?

I’ll answer my own question as through time I can now see what’s happening.

It IS updating in the background but it isn’t necessarily instant.  I was expecting the files to be transferred almost straight away but it doesn’t necessarily work like that.

Is this the official support forum?  If so, it’s a pretty poor show.

Smartware work in the background, but if the file smartware is trying to backup is being used by another program in your PC, it will not be copied right away.

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