Backflashing firmware

I have 2 Live’s and one is connected to the router by cable the other is wireless, with the lasted firmware udate the wireless one failed to complete the instal first time round and needed rebooting which i dd, then it said it was up to date (which it is) but ever since then it’s been playing up, slow navigation, turn it on and it turns itself off all by itself then reboots and says something along the line of “Firmware update was succesfull”.

So i want to back flash the firmware to any version then connect it to the router via the cable and update that way, i have tried this option here:,-wd-tv-live

The the problem with this route is i get no option for “New Firmware” as machine thinks it has latest firmware, so any idea how i can force it too backflash to another version then i can update via cabled route.


Did you follow the instructions EXACTLY on that page, including downloading the ROLLBACK Firmware from ONLY that page?

The filename should include “Rollback” in the name.

Yea i think so the filename i got was “” and the four files inside were as follows:





These were then put on a 1GB flash drive. I’m just wondering if i’m using the right firmware, this is the player i have

And i grabbed the only file on the right under “_ WD TV Media Player _”

Is that the right file or should it be from middle row?

Well after writing the above i went away and grabbed from Gen 3 which off course was the RIGHT file, I have back flashed which did go fine and upgraded to lastest firmware via the cable and all is well, so for being such a plonker and making me look at what i was doing again, sorry Tony and thanks for your help. Now going to hang my head in shame.


In your top post, you said you have two WD TV Lives.   If that’s the case, then no, you didn’t get the right firmware.