Backed up on PC, Can I Access the Data on Mac?

I’ve searched and searched, but I can’t find the answer to this question.  My PC laptop, which was being automatically backed up by Memeo, crashed tonight.  I am able to access my WD ShareSpace files from my Mac laptop, but the actual automatic backup files are inaccessible and I have no idea how to access them from this platform. I’m not a regular Mac user so I’m getting tripped up a lot by the terminology just trying to search.  I am assuming that if I were on my PC, I could use the “One Click Restore” to run the Memeo software and access the files somehow, but I’ve never had to do it.

I have the Memeo software, but my laptop doesn’t have a CD drive and i’m not even sure I could get the contents of the Mac install over to a jump drive and install it on Mac since I only have PCs here.  if I do that, will I be able to access the backup from this Mac or do I have to access it from PC since that’s how they were backed up?

And also, if I do a one click restore, does that just initiate a complete fiood of data on to this computer or can I choose files selectively and leave others on the network drive?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


I don’t think you can restore Windows files on a Mac since the apps to be installed are not the same. WDAB should still physical copies of the files in a folder with the name of the backup plan, so using the one-click restore option should not be mandatory on this case, but if you can’t restore the files that way then you’ll need to get a PC and download WDAB from WD’s site and install it just to restore the files.