Backed up Ok but now what?

Had it all backed up before HD crashed - felt really smug! Got new laptop followed instructions to restore back up - took hours!!! Anyway re-started machine there is nothing accessible! it tells me about 200 documents failed to restore!(!) Ok but what about the ones that did? Am I being stupid - is there something else I should do? I followed the WD webinstructions to the letter - but nothing is there - tried to switch user to get to my stuff and old data user ID isn’t there to switch to! Its taking up oodles of hard disk but can’t get to any of it! Crazy! Am I being stupid or what? How to I get my new laptop to see the files snuggled away in the user profile . Is it normal for so many files to be lost with the WD back up as well? I can probably get some data off my hard disc in the fullness of time but about 200 documents fried? Any help or suggestions I should try would be great I’ve re-started and I’ve turned it off and on again - but nope my old restored data is just not seen by new system! Argh - punishment for being smug - maybe!! Can anyone suggest anything?

Hi angepw,

If you used WD Backup tools, you can manually view or copy documents from backup folder to get back your backed up documents which were failed to restore. You can have a look on below article to view backed up files manually: