completley new to this so i apologise in advance if i am in wrong section, i am trying to find which is the easiest program for creating backdrops and thumbs for my movies on my wdtv live hub and possibly a tutorial for a begginner, thx in advnce for help  :slight_smile:

Depends on what you want to do.  The easiest is to use the internal scaper.

If you want something more elaborate, use Thumbgen.

thanks , ill have a play around with thumbgen :slight_smile:

anyone have or can link me a tutorial for thumbgen 1.1.4 please :slight_smile:

not sure if they help

i used to have a theme specific manual which is now replaced by an automated installation ( i don’t have the original version anymore)

In case you want an instantly working profile on your computer download this

Black Mamba 1.9 Bundle and install it in thumbgen by clicking the “Bundles” button.

If you desire to have the new method called “LINKSHEET” there are 2 or 3 themes using this method (instant movie sheet display) The Black Mamba theme as a bundle for that in the theme download, the other themes work just as fine through manual installation. Have a look around, the links for each theme are in the top 10 listed posts of this forum.

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Thx for help i will  have a look :slight_smile: