Backdrops not loading

I have files and folders where backdrops do not  work for their respective files. However in these folders the content info makes a generic backdrop folder, ie. Game.of.Thrones.backdrops but they do not load on any of the files despite the background going completely black suggesting there is a backdrop. That and when I option the file and choose show backdrops all of them will load then, although the xml does not specify any backgrounds I was just wondering if the Game.of.Thrones.backdrops folder should be working for all of them or if this is just something weird.

Hmm I know that the backdrops for game of thrones work for me with the default content info from thetvdb… Maybe try a ‘remove content info’ and then ‘get content info’ again?

It seems to me that Backdrops derived from content info fetched in 1.06.xx and earlier still work (might have been 1.05.xx; can’t remember now.)

But for me, the XML files for anything generated in 1.07.xx don’t even have Backdrop lines in the code.

If I try to do “View Backdrop Photos” from the option menu, nothing ever happens.

Most of my XMLs are created by my own XML Fetcher, and those of course still display backdrops just fine.

I can send you my xml and backdrop folder if you want. I’ve only ever used firmware version  1.07.15 and it all has worked fine.

So it might be because of the previous firmware, I just thought maybe they had changed the backdrops for the better without every video file needing them. The weird part is that the xmls have no backdrop code by the backdrops still show up when I go view backdrops for the files. 

Ruger: I appreciate the offer but I might just try removing the info and re adding it or use the xml fetcher, I’m on 1.07.16 firmware and game of thrones still has the game.of.thrones.backdrops folder and the xmls no code, but other stuff like big bang theory and mentalist now have backdrops in their code.

on 1.07.18 here and using ‘get info’, backdrops work/load as they should

I should clarify… my comments above are WRT to TV SHOWS Only.   Movie backdrops work fine for me.