Backdrop Tab in ThumbGen

Hello Folks,

short question about the Backdrop Tab in ThumbGen.

Clicking this Tab, there appear a couple of pictures from the selected movie.

Now i can select the pictures to be used as backdrop number one, two…

But what to do next?

Might it be possible to use these feature to create/integrate random pictures into the movieart/theme ?

E.g. if no internet connection for the hub is availible to display changing backdrops in the gallery view?

Thx for your reply…

No, the backdrops can’t be generated without an internet connection.  As of now, there is no way to generate the backdrops from a local drive (internal or external).

Also, the backdrops in thumbgen are for creating moviesheets and (if you are refering to the F1, F2, etc buttons), this does not have anything to do with the order in which they appear on the HUB.  Basically, TG gathers the backdrop data from “themoviedb”, or what ever you collector you use, in the order that it appears on that collector, and then exports it to the xml in the same order.