Backdrop size


Im tring to do my own theme ,and im having i little problem .

I want to back drop to be 565 x 317 it will be display on the right side of the screen.

but the backdrop is crop and i think is keeping the original ratio 1280x720.

the line i edit is like that

<image image="@@preview_rect_image" default_image="@@default_preview_rect_image" x=“680” y=“270” w=“565” h=“317” textcolor="@@preview_rect_color" keycolor=“1” ignore_keycolor=“1” bg=“1” />

I also have try to change the photo settings

I miss something ???

Thanks for helping me

This can be done, however it requires you generate the size image you want on a 1280 x 720 backdrop an place your image where you want it to appear on the screen.

So, what you will want to do is to generate a 1280 x 720 blank image, then using you @@preview line for reference, place a 565 x 317 image on your blank bacdrop at postions x=680, y=270.  Something like this image HERE.

Then when your backdrop is displayed the HUB will crop everything but your the image.

Thanks it help a lot

Now i have another problem ,i try thumbgen designer did my template and i put the file into template folder and its doest not show up in thumbgen even if i refresh. i also notice that some template dont work ,like dribler mega pack its as a empty template

that dont work!!

Why it look so easy nothing to put on that template

I have start from the template wd original look std and delete almost everything and keep the fanart and place it where i want ,save it in template folder ,start thumbgen and nothing there !!

Somebody knows what to do


Could be your naming.  You need to make sure that you have your TG templates like this:

Thumbgen (folder)

    Templates (folder)

          zild8_mini_sheet (folder - or what ever the name of your sheet is. This the name you will see in TG)

                 template.xml (all templates xml’s must be named “template.xml”)

Or you can try this template HERE.

Thanks youre helping me alot,its working now,thumbgen see my template:smileyvery-happy:

i set every thing change the line backdrop to associate with the jpg ,but i have nothing on my screen !!!(no backdrop)

IM gonna try the one you did.