Backdrop Pictures for Folders in Gallery View

I  keep all my movies and TV shows in separate folders. The movie folders may well contain more than just the movie, but trailers as well. The TV series folder will contain episodes for that series When in Gallery view I would like to see the backdrop picture change for each folder that I view, so it can show a picture associated with that series, just like it does for the video files within the folder. i.e. would like to display associated backdrops for folder.

I think many people have there media files organised this way.

Is there away to achieve this ? Any help appreciated. Thanks.

If this can not be done where would be the best place to post for this as a request in next firmware.

Thank you

Hi, Tony.

You might want to post it in the ‘Ideas’ section:

Good luck, mate.

Steve W

With ANY media player, you need to be prepared to organize your files to suit the PLAYER.

EVERY media player behaves differently with respect to file / folder organization.

I keep my files organized in a hybrid folder method, so I for one would NOT want to see backdrops for the contents of the folders, because there are MANY files in each folder.