Backdrop briefly appears before the movie plays

I know this has been raised before, but guess I am not doing the search with the right key words.

When I am in Gallery view and press ok on remote to play a movie ( which I have previously got the SMP to download the xml data and by doing so also downloads the backdrops. ( Which are not used – using the Alaska Rev theme , by Joey )

For a brief moment before the movie plays, ( about 1 sec) you see one of the backdrops displayed.

Not a big thing, but is there a line in the .xml sheet I should remove, or is it just a part of the Firmware which we have no control over ?


This occassionly happens on the Hub as well … but not enough to worry about it

One thing you can try to remedy this is “Batch Blanking” the Movie XMLs tags

I use Textrep for this task  eg. batch replace to <rem/backdrop>

Thanks Joey as always, will give it a go