Back-up won't complete - error code 0x80070002 - The system cannot find the file specified


I’m a new member and, unfortunately, not hugely IT-literate…

I purchased a 1TB portable hard drive approx. 6 weeks ago. I’ve only needed to do 4 back-ups in total, but the most recent has failed.

I get a message telling me to check my back-up, and when I do so, I get details to the effect that “The system cannot find the file specified” and error code 0x800700002.

Please help - how do I identify which file cannot be found, and how do I address this issue?

I’ve done research on-line into this error code, including the Microsoft website, but none of the scenarios seem to fit. Also, there seem to be solutions out there which involve cost, and others which the reviews suggest are malware.

Has anyone experienced this? NB The OS is Windows 7.

Thanks inadvance for any help!

Seems to be a problem with windows. Check if the link below helps.

Thanks for the advice, but the article seems aimed at Vista OS, whereas I’m Windows 7.

Will it still work?