Back Up using Silverkeeper


I am trying to back up using Silverkeeper…I wonder if you can answer me a couple of questions? Firstly Sileverkeeper is reading the folder I am trying to back as being 773gb with 120,000 items! When I use the Info in finder it states that the same folder is 830Gb with 147,000 items… One opinion has led me to believe that this is OK so I have gone ahead and started to back up… Seeing as this would take at least 48 hours I had a look during the process and the files are being copied, but some that are at the beginning of the folder have been skipped and not copied yet… Can you please give me some advise on these 2 points and any help is really appreciated and would save a lot of time.

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Just a thought.

There could be some hidden folders or files in the trash it may be reading it from there.

This is just a thought i have never used that software so Im not sure what else to suggest you sorry.