Back up to usb question

have the my cloud 8tb gen 2 that uses raid0. I back up to 8tb of network storage.

I wanted to know if i had a couple of external usb drives laying around could i back up to the 2 drives? I have 6TB and 3TB my book external usb drives not in use.and waned to know if I could use that to back up the full 8 tb cloud drive?

Hi, you should be able to do this, by performing the NAS to USB backup, this feature is available in the dashboard.

i can back up to usb no problem at all. what i couldn’t find is if i connect TWO usb drives to equal the capacity of the nas and back up to that. since the nas would see 2 separate drives even though its enough capacity with the two drives.

I am 99% sure it wont work but wanted confirmation before i purchase an 8TB drive.