Back-up to another server (owncloud) problem


I’m having trouble connecting mycloud to another NAS (running on owncloud).
The main problem i’m having is I cannot select or edit the SSH username. It is standard set on ‘sshd’ and I cannot change it.

So I do: back-ups -> external back-up -> task -> fill in the form, but as said, cannot edit the SSH username.
Any thoughts on how to fix this??


What My Cloud model do you have?

It is not clear which NAS you are attempting to change the SSH username on? The My Cloud or the other NAS running OwnCloud?

Thanks for your reply!

I have a WDmycloud 1 bay Gen 2 with firmware 2.21.111.

I also have a computer in another place running ‘owncloud’ on which I have
an account and password.
I want to back-up my WDmycloud on the owncloud account.

So, in external IP i fill in
Password (none, as this is an account)
SSH-username (prefilled with ‘sshd’ which I cannot change, which is my
SSH-password the password I have with my account

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My guess is that the My Cloud v2.x only allows backing up to another similar My Cloud (v2.x) when trying to backup to a remote location. That may/probably explains why one cannot appear to change the SSH user name. For the older v4.x My Cloud there is no option to backup to a remote (offsite) location, it is local or USB backup only.

It may be possible using SSH on the My Cloud to go in and modify the SSH user name that is prefilled with ‘sshd’ but doing so may void the My Cloud warranty. Do a forum search to see if anyone else has tried to change the ‘sshd’ username.

Hiya Bennor,

Yeah, that seems like a possible problem. It is a bit weird though that the mycloud menu gives you the option to connect to another mycloud OR to a NAS, suggesting that it would be possible to back-up stuff directly to another NAS. Unfortunately a search on the community site did not help me any further.

My plan now is to back-up manually using the owncloud software and accessing the folders directly from my network. Sounds a bit like a hassle, but have not found another way.

Thanks though for your help :slight_smile:

You can backup to another NAS but it has to be on the local network.