Back up software for 2 drives


I have been having horrible troubles with My Book World Edition II 4 TB both hardware and with the software that came with it WD anywheer backup and also the premium edition.  I wouldn’t advice anybody to buy this networked harddrive nor use the software that comes with it. . I bought MBWE II in March 2010, in May the wd backup anywhere started acting funny and memeo gave me a new updated sofwtare, then in august my disk A stopped working, it had dissaperaed. WD RMA worked but I had to bring my whole unit with me aross half the world to have it exchanged. … in the mean time I lost all my back up… and a new MBWE II was sent to me… I fly back half way around the word install the new MBWE II … it works !!  I install the wd backup anywhere … and then the trouble started…blue screens and more blue screens … I even bought the premium edition … and still blue screen kept coming… uninstalled the whole thing … less blue screens but the pc just isn’t the same. It takes now 10 minutes just to start up (even after using pc tuneup software). On my pc I use Windows Vista service pack 2 … soo my experince with Wd and memeo is memorable.  I would NOT reccomand this HD nor  its software to anyone. buyer beware !!

Now which software should I use to back up to my networked MBWE II … in the mean time I have backed up onto another USB 1.5 TB HD  using windows back up… but I want to also back up to my networked drive… the infamous MBWE II … can I back up to two drives ? … and which sofwtare will alow this and will not interefer with my other applications (ie the blue screens)

thank you

paperweight… (MBWE II makes a good paperweight but rather expensive)

Do you have the RAID on the drive setup for RAID 0 (spanned) or RAID 1 (mirrored)?  Can you access the drive, yet?  Because it takes a while for the RAID to rebuild when you install the drive.