Back Up set not available to restore when plugged in to new PC

I backed up my files from my old pc (a Dell Dimension with Vista OS) onto my new My Passport Ultra. When I connected My Passport to my new PC ( HP All-in-One with Windows 10 OS) to restore my old PC files onto my new PC my new PC does not seem to have access to the Back Up set from my old PC. WD My Passport has been loaded onto both my old & new PCs.

What am I doing wrong? Any help would be much appreciated - its driving me crazy. I was initially having difficulty linking My Passport onto my old PC - blinking light & PC not recognising that it was connected. But that problem was eventually sorted by the time honoured Turn Off / Turn On approach. The Back Up set from my old PC is definitely on My Passport - I can see it.

Hello there,

Do you have any errors when you try to access the backup on your new PC ?

I too faced the same problem today when trying to restore backed up files from My PP Ultra to a new laptop … both on Win 10. Advice / solution will be highly appreciated.