Back up screen appears not to be backing up

Hello everyone,

On my  Wd essential 2.0 , When I go to the BACKUP page, I see my PC window, I see my BOOK window, I see that  both windows are recognizing my files BUT, It appears that the BOOK is not backing up the files. I do not have any green  check marks on either side, My PC window is yellow. It shows that i have 930mb to backup. My BOOK  window shows that I have 85mb backed up.  I did the initial backup and everything seemed ok. I know that backup happens automatically when the computer is idle but it doesnt appear to be functioning. The backup button is active.

On my home screen it shows the same numbers 930mb to backup,  85 mb backed up. should I assume that it is not functioning. If so can anyone help me fix this ! Thank you!

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