Back-up Question

Hi. I’m in the UK with the 2TB version. I have a question re backing up the drive. It may be silly, but it may not. If I have, say, 700mb of data on my drive, do i need at lest that amount on the ‘backing up’ drive or does the fact that it is saved as an /iso file mean the it doesnt need to be as big? I mean, do i need an identical drive no to back up my main drive? It seems a bit silly if i do!! Thanks

It depends on the type of backup you do as well as the software you’re using. If you do a 1:1 copy you need the same amount of space on the backup drive as the files take up on the main drive.

thanks for that.

i dont really want another 2TB drive just to do backups. But at the same time, I don’t want to lose evrythig Ive’ got on my MBL.

Are there any suggestions please?

If you have a lot of media then even if you did use a compressor it would not compress much.

Your best bet is to get another 2TB drive, or to get something like the Duo that has the redundancy option built in.

Again. thanks

What about teh Smartware thing? i’m just donwloading that - not sure why i never had it originally.

How does that work?

Smartware is for backing up your computer… Windows only.