Back up QNAP to My Book Live

Hi I have a Qnap 269L using raid 1 but want to back this up to my WD drive.

As there is no USB on the MBL I am struggling to see how to see how to link this to the QNAP? I have tried pointing the QNAP to the IP address for the MBL but it can’t find it.

I want to do regular backs ups where only the altered/deleted/new files are changed and dont really want to have to manually copy everything across.

Can anyone help?



Well, all I know about QNAP is that they also have Linux underneath. In a few words, MBL and QNAP are Linux servers.

Via Linux/OS/CLI, you should be able to backup either using FTP or rsync. For the type of backups you want to perform, rsync is the only option I know of. Now the bad part for it, you would need to be mid-advanced user

Overall the steps would be:

  • ssh between them

  • execute a manual rsycn for testing

  • create your script and cron

Some info for rsync, but plenty out there…

To enable SSH for MBL:

If I remember all my steps, this is what I did. Make sure you save backups copies for the files before you edit them.

  • Enable ssh:

  • SSH to MBL using root, if works, continue only if you want to allow other users to SSH as well. Otherwise you are done.

  • Create shares, users, set passwords and permissions via dashboard

  • Allow Users to SSH:

edit file /etc/ssh/sshd_config
Change “AllowUsers” line by adding user names such as:
AllowUsers root user1 user2

  • Optional: Set users home dir: edit file /etc/passwd
    The following will set home dir to “Public”
    Change from “/shares:/bin/sh” to “/shares/Public:/bin/sh”

  • Restart ssh deamon or reboot:
    /etc/init.d/ssh restart