Back up pictures

I ONLY want to put my pictures onto “My Passport Essential”, but for the life of me I can’t figure out how.

What I’ve seen so far is that it gives you a general option to “run backup” but not a space to just drag a file over. I’m used to a regular usb port, so I’m lost here.

The Passport drive comes with the WD Smartware included, this application allows you to perform automatic backups of your data, but you do not need to use it if you do not wan to. If you would like to use the drive just for additional storage for your computer then you just need to access the drive itself.

If you are running Windows XP just go into My Computer, you should be able to see the icon of the Passport drive beside your local disk C:, for easier access I recommend you to create a shortcut of the drive into your desktop, please have in mind that this shortcut will only work when the drive is connected to the computer. If you are running Windows Vista or Windows 7 you have to go through the Start menu and then click on Computer to have access to the drive.

If you would like to disable the WD Smartware on the drive please follow the intructions on the WD Knowledgebase article listed below.

I hope this information helps you resolve your problem. :robotwink: