Back-up PDFs unreadable

Just completed my first back-up but when I try to open any PDFs, the following message appears on my screen

I have 100s of PDFs, and can’t possibly revisit each one to print as an Adobe PDF. Has the WD community come across this issue and is there a workaround I can apply?

Many thanks for reading my message and for any help you can offer.


BACKUPS are not standalone files. In order to open a backup, you need to restore it first.

If that’s not what you’re wanting to do, then you probably want to use a SYNC tool instead of Backup tool.

Thank you for explaining this to me - it’s all rather new to me!

If, .pdf_LAST, as shown at the end of this file that is why it is not opening in Adobe Acrobat DC.

Does a regular .pdf file open for you?

You may want to look at this.

Yes, I can open regular PDFs but I will read through the info on the link
you sent me - many thanks for your help, much appreciated …