Back up on External USB Seagate is duplicating the files

Hi there. I have a DL2100, i have connected an external Seagate USB memory and do the back up from the General Management tool. I do each folder manually and worked brillintly for 3 months. Now the folder on the USB where the copy os the Nas is made, is duplicating itself with the dsame folder name and folders as the first root of the back up, it duplicate several times so the memory on the USB is running out, when it should not.

Is there anyone who had the same issue. BDW i also backup on S3 so i am not looking for a web solution but more to know if i should change the External Hard drive or replace it for a WD

Thanks in advance

Hello pipegarces,

Have you tried deleting the old backup job and setting up a new USB backup job through dashboard of your My Cloud device?

Thanks Logan, i have done this twice. Yesterday i performed a full formating of the external disk to see what happen…